Schukinsk and Other Places



Schukinsk and Other Places, the new novel by the young and provocative Russian writer Elena Nekrasova, starts with the fascinating story of a Russian immigrant Eugine who lives a boring life on an American pig farm with his pig-like wife. She drives him crazy and he finds a peculiar consolation in writing a porno blog. Anyway he grabs the first opportunity to run away with a masonry obsessed rich guy as his assistant.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, in a Russian provincial town Schukinsk Eugines half-sister, a girl of 18 neglected by him for years desperately needs help. Her mother just passed away and she is lonely as can be. Here comes the mystical part of the plot. The girl feels a certain presence in her house which appears to be haunted. She decides to lend one room to a charming couple. But could she imagine it was part of the plan to involve her into the local swingers club?


One needs quite elaborate imagination and sophisticated writing skills to put together all the lines of the story. And Elena Nekrasova brilliantly blends together adventure, family drama and heart-racing love-story into a thrilling novel of a human souls seeking its way to freedom. With its realistically conflicted characters, sexual tension and humor it is no doubt Schukinsk and Other Places will become a remarkable event of the new Russian prose.


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Elena Nekrasova is a new name in the modern literature already recognized by literary critics and readers. The “Shchukinsk and the Cities” is her second book, an intellectual thrilling novel covering many topics: Arkansas farmers’ daily life and shocking internet blogs, noisy New-York and mysteries of a provincial town of Shchukinsk. Different cities are changing each other very quickly: Vienna, Odessa, Moscow, Tolyatti… There are many encounters in the city crowd, some of which lead to love affairs, some to nightmares, whereas the others help people to understand themselves better.