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Daniil Kharms

In 1939 Daniil Kharms wrote a story “The Old woman” which is mainly autobiographic. Despair, presentiment of death are embodied in the image of the old woman haunting the writer. The play “The Old woman” staged by Elena Nekrasova on the base of the same name story by Kharms is watched in a burst of inspiration — sometimes it is difficult to realize where is the end of the charcter's fantasy and where do real life things begin. In fact do we really need to realize that? As Kharms himself used to write that he wanted to take his life as the reason for creation. And here they appear on the stage replacing each other — bright grotesque characters dressed in costumes-sceneries — like dan˝ing house manager's box or a lady in the form of cornucopia. In spite of the plenty of everyday realms of the 30s in the Kharms's story we won't see them in the play. The Director's concept is extremely clear – it is not so much a conversation about time which is already pretty far from us, it is a conversation about eternal — about creation and love, about despair and hope.


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